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Canoeing:  Crew 270
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Canoing has been a staple activity for many years.  The stretches of river below are ones that memberrs of the Post have done in Nebraska.   The two stretches on the Niobrara, the one on the Dismal and the one on the Snake are our favorite, and done year after year.  The others have been interesting diversions with limitations.

Niobrara - Cody to Kilgore
Niobrara - Cornell Bridge to Rocky Forge (or Sunnybrook)
Snake - Merriman to Nenzel (two day trip)
Dismal - Mullen to Seneca
Platte - West of Kearney (beware low-head dam) & West of Camp Cedars
North Loup - west of Brewster
Elkhorn - Meadow Grove to Norfolk, Norfolk to Stanton
Calamas - North of Taylor
Cedar - Erickson to Cedar Rapids, Nebraska  - good first trip for a unit
Nemaha - Humboldt to the Missouri R. to St. Joe. (Campstaff 1967) (not recommended)
Missouri - Yankton to Wynot (not recommended)

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