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The following game outlines are gathered into several sections.  By thus breaking up the list into more useful groupings, there is a moderate amount of duplication of games between the lists.

Many games are best played with separate player groups for younger (or smaller) and older (larger and rougher) individuals.  Other games are best reserved for certain age groups or situations.  For instance  "Slaughter" works very well on a campout, but is difficult to set up at a Meeting.  "Swat-em" is a game the Boys all enjoy, but not when playing 11 - 12's vs 16 - 17's.   "Triangular Tug of War" has been won by a smaller individual.

Games are folk culture items.  Rules, approaches, regulations, settings, for any particular game will vary considerably from time to time and from location to location.  A flexibilty is required.

Over the years many compliations of games have been published.  Below are several references from my library on games.  I have attempted where I know the published source of a game, to give credit.   If there is credit for any specific game that should be given, please let me know, and I will add it.     I believe that all of the game directions have been paraphased rather than directly quoted.   It should be noted that I have many times found the same, or very similar game, under different names in different sources.

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